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Can I have a free trial? >

Yes, free trial option is available. But please be aware that there is greatly reduced functionality. The free trial is aimed at giving you a flavour of our services

What information do I receive on each signal? >

You receive a ticket with entry price and the time and date of when it was sent. There will be a rationale for why the signal has been generated, and we provide a TP and SL level

What else is there on the signal ticket that I receive? >

You also receive a reason for why the model has suggested to close the trade (aside from TP / SL), and there is an option to leave your personal notes on the signal ticket, or make it a favourite signal for easy access on the dashboard.

Does every subscriber receiver the same signals? >

No, absolutely not. This is at the core of what we do – every subscriber will receive their own, unique signals

How often will I receive a signal? >

This depends greatly on your configuration – which is determined by the way you answer the questions at sign up. If you feel you are receiving too few / too many signals, please get in touch, and we can guide you on how to edit your questions which you may want to do for the following billable month

Is there some information about how TradeRadius generate signals? >

Yes, please check the Signals page. For those wishing to delve deeper into our philosophy and methodology, please get in touch.

Will you give me information on my signals to show me profitability and other information? >

Yes, this is included under Statistics in the DealingRoom. Please remember to read the accompanying notes.

I’m very risk averse. Can you only show me guaranteed to be successful signals? >

No, unfortunately this is not possible. All trading, and all signals come with risk of not performing

Will I be able to trade the signal at the same price as specified on the signal recommendation? >

This is dependent on several factors including the time it takes for you to execute the trade with your broker, and the volatility in the market at the time. Sometimes the price may be better than specified in the signal, but of course sometimes it may be worse.

I only want signals sent to me during a certain trading session (Eg European). Is that possible? >

No this is not possible. Our algorithms are not designed to allow this subjective optionality. Your statistics will always include signals created 24hrs a day. You can manage notifications in the Settings in the DealingRoom however

If I don’t make money from using the signals, do I get a refund? >

No, unfortunately we don’t offer refunds. If you are not happy with the performance of your signals, then it might be worth re-considering your configuration and editing your questionnaire answers

Are the signals that I receive calculated by an algorithm? >

Yes, all TradeRadius signals are created by a combination of your unique configuration, and our Core Quant Model – which is composed of a string of quantitative algorithms

Will I receive signals straightaway after subscribing? >

Your profile and configuration may take a short time to be uploaded to the Core quant Model which is required prior to signal generation. We aim to have every subscriber to be eligible for receiving signals within 24 hrs of subscribing

Can I change my configuration when I want? >

Yes you can. For those on Silver plan, changes will take effect in the upcoming billable month. For Gold and PRO plans – there is an option to change intra month. See Pricing page for details

Does TradeRadius offer brokerage? >

At the moment we do not offer brokerage but we can make a suggestion to you. Please get in touch

Can I subscribe for 3months or 6months or 1y and save some money? >

We don’t offer this option right now, but if its important for you, please get in touch and we can discuss

Can I refer a friend and receive a benefit? >

Yes absolutely. We love to expand the TradeRadius community. If you are already subscribed, check the “Earn TR$” in DealingRoom. If you are yet to subscribe but want to refer – please get in touch

Will some signals be wrong and lose me money if I trade them? >

The nature of trading is such that there are risks associated with every single instance you place a trade. With no exceptions. Some of the signals will undoubtedly lead to losing trades, but it is the purpose of the TradeRadius algos and methodology, to keep these losing signals/trades to a minimum

Can I give you money to trade on my behalf, the signals you send me? >

This is not currently a service we offer, but please get in touch to discuss as we are exploring methods by which we can make this happen

Will I get signals sent to me during important economic data? >

This can happen yes. It is partly reflective of your configuration (how you answer the questions in sign-up) and other factors contained within the Core Quant Model

What happens if the TradeRadius platform goes down? >

We aim for this not to happen, but in the unlikely event we have problems, we shall have engineers working on it instantly

Where are TradeRadius clients located? >

We have TradeRadius clients located all over the world, as anyone is able to open an account with us

Should I ignore a trading signal if I don’t agree with it? >

This is entirely at your discretion. We do not recommend it, especially for a systematic quant model such as ours, but it may be the case that someone feels the signal is against their views, and feels strongly enough about that to ignore the signal

Are TradeRadius signals better suited to a professional trader or a novice trader? >

Our model has been designed from the bottom up, and built to offer signals to ALL traders, regardless of experience or style. Our unique personalised configuration set-up fully incorporates that

There is an asset / underlying I’d like to trade but I don’t see it as an option. Can you add it? >

We always love to hear from our subscribers about ideas. Please get in touch and we can discuss to see if it can be a fit for our models

Can I receive signals on WhatsApp? >

Sorry – we don’t currently offer this service

Are signals sent by email slower? Will I miss the opportunity? >

The fastest way to receive signals will be on the DealingRoom platform itself. Other methods like SMS and email may have some small delays. In the most part these will be negligible

Is the DealingRoom free? >

The DealingRoom comes free with all subscription plans (including the 1 week FREE plan)

Will I automatically be in the DealingRoom when I log in? >

Just click on your profile on the top right, or the “Go to DealingRoom” button from the Home page, and you will enter your DealingRoom

Can I see my signals in the DealingRoom? >

Yes you can. And it’s the best way to keep track of your signals too. Check out the navigation on the left of the DealingRoom dashboard to see which format or version suits you best to view your signals

When can I join the DealingRoom once I have set up my subscription plan? >

Straight away – you will be able to access the DealingRoom and use the functionality there. Your signals and Statistics will take a while to appear as they are generated according to the price action in the market

Under “Statistics” there is something else I’d like to know that’s not provided. >

We love to hear from our subscribers and users about anything that we may add that makes your trading day better or easier. If you have an idea – please get in touch, and we can look into it

Can I trade the TradeRadius signals directly from the DealingRoom dashboard? >

No, we don’t currently offer this as an option. You will need to do this with your broker. Get in touch if you need advice on choosing a broker

Can I change the way the DealingRoom dashboard looks? Some elements are more important to me than others. >

Yes you can. You can experiment with the various settings for the modules to find a combination that’s best for you. And of course, get in touch if you need to ask something

Should I follow the Live Commentary from the DealingRoom dashboard or from the Home page or from the Essentials page >

Its really up to you, but most users like to have everything there for them in the DealingRoom

Is there a chat function in the DealingRoom? >

Yes, the DealingRoom has a feature where you chat with a group of traders, or you can chat and ask a question to a mentor, or you can privately chat with another subscriber

How does the chat work? How do you assign which members are in which chat group? >

We aim to have a range of traders in each of the chatrooms, and not have too many in each room. Of course, there’s no pressure to chat, but we find it’s a great source of inspiration

Is it possible to change my chat group? >

Its possible to do that, though we don’t like to switch around too often. Get in touch through

Can I invite a friend to chat >

Yes, just search for them by user name, and you can add them to your contacts and have 1-to-1. You can’t invite them to your group chat however – the group chats are manager by moderators

How do I know who my mentor is? >

We will assign a mentor to you, and when you click on the “Ask your mentor” button you will see his username

How does the chat work? How do you assign which members are in which chat group? >

We aim to have a range of traders in each of the chatrooms, and not have too many in each room. Of course, theres no pressure to chat, but we find it’s a great source of inspiration

Can I contact TradeRadius directly from the DealingRoom dashboard? >

Sure – you can contact us via the chat function by messaging TradeRadius. Or you can email us

How do I know who my mentor is? >

We will assign a mentor to you, and when you click on the “Mentor” button you will see his username

Is the DealingRoom the best place to ask a mentor a question that I’ve got about trading? >

It is – and they will always be more than happy to help you with any question you have. If they need to call upon the knowledge of another mentor, they will do that too.

Something on my dashboard doesn’t work. Who should I contact? >

This can be frustrating, so we try to ensure this doesn’t happen. But if you have any technical issue on the DealingRoom dashboard, contact us via the chat (if you can) or email

Can I change plan inter-month? >

Sure no problem, you can upgrade your plan whenever you like and we shall pro-rata for the payment. Your new plan features will take effect within 24 hours

Is it possible to change my underlyings? >

Yes - if you are a Gold or PRO subscriber, then you may make changes in Subscription Settings, and it will take effect within 24 hours (only certain number of changes permissible). Otherwise – you may make changes which will take effect at the start of your next billing cycle

Are there any special offers advertised? >

Not normally. We want to keep pricing consistent for everyone

What’s the difference between the Subscription plans? >

Take a look at the Pricing page to see whats included with some explanations of different features. The higher the plan, the more assets you can include. And some plans offer additional features

Is it possible to buy a Backtest of my configuration as an add-on? >

Certainly. You may buy a Backtest as an Add-on. It’s a hugely useful tool to help you get an idea of past profitability of your unique personalised configuration. Look for the add-on within Subscription Settings

My free trial has run-out. Can I extend it? >

No, unfortunately we can’t extend free trials. But please get in touch if you have any questions

Can I share my signals with someone else? >

As part of our Terms & Conditions, this is not allowed

I’ve realised I don't need all the features or underlyings in my plan. Can I downgrade to a cheaper plan? >

If you feel your current plan is too much for your needs, please get in touch. We shall try to find a solution for you

I’ve seen some platforms offering free plans forever. Can you do the same? >

Unfortunately not. Our unique offering of personalised and bespoke trading signals, means a huge amount of work and computing power is needed for each user

Can I refer someone to TradeRadius and get some discount for my subscription? >

Yes, this falls under our Referral Programme, and details are found in the DealingRoom under “Earn TR$”. Get in touch if you have any questions

Can I pay for 6m or 1 year at a time, and save money? >

Yes, check out the savings you can make on the Pricing page

What method of payment do you accept? >

We accept all major credit/debit cards

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime? >

Yes, you can. We never like anyone to leave us – so perhaps its worth contacting us to discuss. But as soon as you decide to cancel , no further payments will be made.

How do I cancel my subscription >

There is a cancel button in Subscription Settings in the DealingRoom dashboard. Or you can contact us at