Earn TR$

TradeRadius offer a points system called TR$ which allows subscribers to earn TR$ in different ways. You can spend any TR$ you have to pay for subscriptions or add-ons, so the more you earn TR$, the more you save on subscriptions.  


How to Earn TR$


Become a mentor: 450 TR$ per month


Make a Live Commentary comment: 40 TR$


Chat comments: 15 TR$


Submit a Guest Article: 150 TR$


Introduce a friend: 700 TR$


Spending TR$


Silver Subscription (for 1 month): 900 TR$


Gold Subscription (for 1 month): 1200 TR$


Pro Subscription (for 1 month): 1500 TR$


Subscription Add-Ons: 

Backtest of your configuration: 500 TR$


Crypto signal module (1 month): 500 TR$

Rules for TR$


  1. To beсome a mentor – subscribers must either be invited by TradeRadius, or make a request, and submit some short biography of relevant experiences. TradeRadius will determine whether mentorship is appropriate
  2. A Live Commentary comment is subject to moderator approval. A maximum of 300TR$ per month can be earned for Live Commentary comments
  3. Chat comments may be subject to removal by the moderator, and will not earn any TR$. A maximum of 200TR$ per month can be earned for Chat comments
  4. To earn TR$ for submitting a Guest Article, the article must be approved and published by TradeRadius
  5. To earn TR$ for introducing a friend, subscribers must ensure that the new subscriber uses the provided link for signup. Earning TR$ for introducing a friend is only applicable for paid plans
  6. All earned TR$ are credited to a subscribers account after processing, and may only be used from their upcoming subscription anniversary onwards
  7. There is no expiry date for TR$, and absolutely no exchange for cash
  8. For other ways to spend TR$ - contact us