About Us

What We Do

TradeRadius provide trading recommendations, market commentary, analysis, and financial markets insight to our readers and subscribers.

Our quantitative trading background is at the core of what we do, but we know that trading is personal and we all have our own style.

That’s why TradeRadius takes the unique approach of customizing the trade recommendation process, and lending support to our subscribers through a host of services and functions to help the trading journey.

About Us
About Us
What Makes Us Different

Other services give the same signals to everyone – with little transparency or explanation of why.

That’s the absolute opposite of what we believe in.

We provide insight – a rationale for each and every time a subscriber receives a trade signal.

And we ensure that a subscribers signals are unique to them, because not all traders are the same. Through our questionnaire at set-up, we create a unique configuration for every subscriber - meaning they receive signals that work for their style and preferences

Our models create signals unique to you and your trading style

Always looking at ways to enhance and enrich our services

Providing clear trade ideas and rationale each time

Analysis and profit metrics on the trade ideas you receive

Ideas and learning, with community support and mentorship

We know you need to know now, and keep informed 24hrs
Our Story

Our 2 co-founders set up in 2017 – to create an automated quantitative trading model for institutional use. With a team of developers, and after intense testing and model refinement, the core quant model began live trading in 2019, with results as expected.

In early 2020, we began to look at ways to introduce our model to a wider audience; to allow traders of varying ability to incorporate their personal trading philosophy, style and tolerances.

TradeRadius was borne from this idea - to use an established core quant model, and overlay individual traders configuration to allow for a custom-built version of our model.

Our launch in 2021 was focused on our bespoke signal service, but we wanted to give traders more: – a place to analyse, a place to engage with the community, to follow live commentary from our analysts, and to learn from our mentors and share ideas.

Our goal has been to provide our subscribers and readers with a trading portal to use everyday together with their broker platform. We hope you feel we are well on the way.

Meet The Team

Michael Plant


With a more than two decade career working in Investment Banks in UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, Michael brings a capital markets experience to the team, covering all asset classes, with previous roles in trading, structuring and sales.

As co-founder of TradeRadius, Michael is dedicated to bring a range of products and services to traders of varying experiences.


Andrew Chapman


Andrew has been working in financial services for more than 20 years, initially in the insurance industry, and then on the commercial banking side where his focus was in SME advisory.

A move towards private equity led Andrew to some entrepreneurial ventures, and then in 2017 to co-found the business that would then become TradeRadius.


Peter Chen


After training as an accountant (CIMA qualified), Peter has made his career in legal and compliance teams with large financial corporations in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Peter brings a wealth of knowledge to TradeRadius from a business accounting and regulatory framework perspective, and is responsible for all financial operations.


Kallimullah Gazi


Having more than a decade of experience in development and IT security, Kalim has worked extensively within the banking and financial sector, with roles in US, Canada and Europe.

Working with TradeRadius since its inception, Kalim brings quality and dedication to managing the end to end delivery of the platform and its technical operations.


Timofey Nekipelov

Lead Developer

As a senior PHP and API developer for more than 4 years, Timofey brings lead development expertise to the team.

He has participated in the development of polls campaign management system for FMCG companies, search flights engines API integrations and various marketing project API integrations.



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