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Join TradeRadius and receive unique trading signals straight to your phone. Keep ahead of the market with our live commentary and analysis. Listen to opinions and discuss ideas. All this and more in your personal DealingRoom


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Receive personalized, timely trading signals, with reasoning for the signal every single time. Be confident your signals suit your style of trading, backed by our quantitative methodology

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Live commentary and analysis

Our live commentary from our team of analysts will keep you informed. Insightful analytics brought to you free - 24 hrs a day

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Its easy to become a member of the DealingRoom - where all your trading needs are in one place. Join in the discussion, learn from mentors, or simply use the range of trading tools in our unique DealingRoom platform

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How does it work?

  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Easy set up takes 5 minutes
  • Custom-built signals generated 24 hrs a day
Receive Receive

TradeRadius signals are sent live-time by SMS or to your inbox. Or directly to your personal dashboard in the DealingRoom

Information Information

Each signal will have an opening price, a SL and TP, with some wording as to why this trade recommendation was sent to you

Action Action

You can choose to act on the signal, and trade through your broker (we can help advise you on opening a brokerage account), or you can ignore it


How do we generate the Signals?

01 Configuration

You answer 10-20 questions at set-up, after which our algorithm will determine your unique set of parameters to be used in the signal generation process

02 Core Quant Model

We combine your Configuration with our fully automated Core Quant Model. This automated trading system uses complex quantitative techniques to scan the market for trading opportunities according to your configuration

03 Machine Learning

We subject your unique Configuration and our Core Quant Model to a rigorous optimization and backtesting process. The result is a fully tested personalized algorithmic model for your signal generation


The indispensable tool for serious traders

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Your one stop shop for your trading day. The DealingRoom Platform provides everything you need to be prepared and get ahead

Icon DealingRoom

Discussions with other traders, insight from our analysts, and help from our mentors - the DealingRoom is with you throughout the trading day

IMG DealinRoom
IMG DealinRoom
Icon DealingRoom

Receive your customised TradeRadius Signals direct to the DealingRoom platform, and add elements to your personalised page from a range of trading tools like charts, news and a range of useful analytics

News & analysis

Stay Informed on the Market

Live Comment

Live Commentary. Every trading day. We cover the US , European and Asian sessions - bringing you the very latest market moving news


We breakdown economic data releases, provide insight into what the institutional money is doing, and give you analysis and opinion from our team of experts


TradeRadius offers you an independent viewpoint. We will offer subjective ideas, sourced 100% in-house and not influenced by an external party

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What do people say about TradeRadius

“We have found TradeRadius really useful to assist us with our trading decisions.”

CJ Pak

“TradeRadius is a new service, but really is a one-stop shop for all you need to trade. I use it everyday.”

Jack Baines

“Signals so far have been great. My configuration was easy, and I was receiving within a few hours.”

Aarav Daz

“We love the convenience of the DealingRoom. The live commentary has been spot on”

Faith Beale

“I have the platform open all day. Signals working well and I love the way I can discuss and share ideas or ask questions.”

Ellie Haycraft

“These guys are definitely the best service around for traders to use ….”

Jack Tuson

“I had a trial, and quickly realised that the functionality of this platform is excellent…”

Ryan Hayles

“Whats really different here is that the signals I receive are tailor made only for me. A few questions at set-up, and I was up and running.”

Freya Watkin

“I have found the statistics that I get on the dashboard, together with the signals and their reasons - really helps me in my trading”

Grace Ultan

“As a team of traders, we haven’t seen this combination before…. we get quantitative signals with our own trading styles incorporated”

Mia Thaxton


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